My interest in art began during my teenage years when I began drawing charcoal portraits of popular film stars.


Unfortunately, my interest in art was side-tracked by my need to earn a living, and it wasn’t until many years later that I returned to my earlier passion.


Since moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2003 practicing art has become an important part of my life.


Upon attending regular art classes and workshops, over the years I gradually moved from Pastels to Oils and to Acrylics. The type of works produced also varied from impressionism to realism.


Lately my work is mostly inspired from local landscape and fauna. I take photographs of subjects that I find interesting and could be integrated in an artwork. Most of the time the finished work is an inspiration of 2 or more subjects. The painting usually goes through various shapes and colors and will only "finished or left alone" until it is showing elements of creativity and uniqueness.


A number of my works are regularly being exhibited at several local Art GAlleries, Shows and Libraries.



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Phone:   0414 39 4900