About me


My first encounter with Art was during my adolescence when I drew charcoal portraits of movie stars.


However my interest in art was soon overtaken by the need to earn a living and it is not before some 40 years later that I started to embrace art with a passion.


In 2003, encouraged by local Sunshine Coast artist Pauline Adair I joined live drawing classes and a year later I became a student at the weekly art classes of late art teacher Arturo Xavier. Arturo’s coaching was to become the right environment to progress and learn techniques in drawings and pastels.


In 2007 I joined the workshops of Sunshine Coast artist Lizzie Connor. These weekly art classes gave me the opportunity to acquire skills in Acrylic and fully identify with art.


In 2016 upon the recommendation of fellow artist Stella Dawson, I became a member of the Noosa Arts & Crafts and I currently participate in the weekly Oil & Acrylic art group. 


I also regularly come to workshops at Wallace House given by fellow Queensland artists. Lately I attended the workshops of  Chris Postle, Noela Flack, Wendy Ebb and recently  an "abstract" 2 day workshop by celebrated Sydney artist Peter Griffen.


"The Art I currently practice is a balancing act where real world and creative inspiration are constantly competing in my Work"